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All of the products within this website have been created by hand from 100% (unless otherwise stated), upcycled, safe pallet wood. Each pallet is dismantled and de-nailed by me. Next it is either planed or sanded one board at a time. I use stains, (some homemade) different types of paints including chalk paint (some homemade) and enjoy making things with the distressed look. With certain items I can do a variaty of color combinations to fit your personal decor. All are clear coated for either outdoors, indoors or I can use a good quality wax if you prefer.  Rarely are two items identical since I use various types of woods and each react differently to stains, paints and varnish.  I can personalize and add almost any image to most items. Custom orders are welcome with a non-refundable 50 % down. I am currently working on shipping fees. I imagine they will be between $8.00 and $14.00 for most items. Larger items will be more.

  Please be sure to add this page to your Favorites folder or Bookmark it since I will be adding new things as I build them. If you have questions, please feel free to email me at

I am accepting PayPal payments now. Just send me a message with the item number and I'll invoice you! If you live out of town shipping fees will have to be calculated. Thanks



Item 01 Square Clock with hanging hardware 20 12" wide by 19" tall $60
This item can be personalized with a name or an image such as a rooster. Not responsible for improper hangings


                                  Item 1  $30

Item 2 $35

Item 3 $35

Item 4 $25

Item 5 $25

Item 6 $35

Item 7 $25

Item 8 $25

Item 9 $30

Item 10 $30

Item 11 $30

Item 12 $30

Item 13 $25

Item 14 $30

Item 15 $30

Item 16 $25 each

Item 17 $25

Item 18 $25

Item 19 $35

Item 20 $35

Item 21 $30

Item 22 $30

Item 23 $35

Item 24 $30

Item 25 $30

Item 26 $35 (Cardboard is to cover name and date since it was personalized for a customer)This could be personalized for our pets as well.

Item 27 $30

Item 28 $30

Item 29 $25

Item 30 $30

Item 31 (different colors) $30

Item 32 $30

Item 33 $30

Item 34 $30

Item 35 $25

Item 36 $25

Item 37 $40

Item 38 $25

Item 39 $30

Item 39 $25

Item 40 $25

Item 41 $25

Item 42 $25

Item 43 $30

Item 44 $30

Item 45 $35

Item 46 $30

Item 47 $25
Item 48 $30


Item 49 $20

Item 50 $20

Item 51 $20

Item 52 $20

Fall Decor:


Medium Natural Pumpkin
Item 53 Natural Pumpkin 12 1/2" x 13 1/2" that you can paint or decorate yourself.
Large Natural Pumpkin
Item 54 Large Natural Pumpkin 18 3/4 " x 17" that you can paint or decorate yourself.

Three Pumpkins
Finished Pumpkins
Item 55 11 3/4" x 10 3/4" $20
Item 56 12 1/2" x 13 1/2" $25
Item 57 18 3/4" x 17" $30



Four Scarecrows

Item 58 Four Boards Wide Measure 31" x 13 1/2" $35
Item 59 Three Boards Wide $25
I can do these in the hat color of your choice and even in larger sizes.

Below is what one customer did with a larger scarecrow.
Customer's Scarecrow
Thanks Barb for taking this photo for me! Love it.


Fall Decoration Box Treats Box


Fall Decoration Box on left and Halloween Treat Box on  right.
Pumpkin measures approximately 20 " wide x 18" tall. Box measures approximately 19 1/2 " wide x 4 1/2" tall.
Item 60 Box without lettering $35 With  lettering $40 Item 61
(This is an example of how different woods react differently to the same stain.)

Plain Box
Item # 62 Box that you can decorate or paint yourself. $30

Natural Tree BigChristmasTree Tree with lights Glitter Tree
Left to Right:

Item 63 Natural Wooden Tree Approximately 20" wide x 53" tall $65
Item 64 Large Finished Wooden Tree with hand cut Wooden ornaments 44" wide x 53" tall $75
Item 65 Medium Tree with Lights 41" wide x 53 1\2" tall $55
 Item  66 Smaller Glitter Tree 18" wide x 43" tall  $45
Sleds Snowman

Left to Right:
Item 67 Solid colored sleds $40
Item 68 Flag sleds $45
Item 69 Snowman $40

Santa Santa Vinyl to Wood Santa

Left to Right:
Item 70 Santa 18" wide x 29" tall $25
Item 71 Santa 12 3/4" wide x 15" tall $35
Item 72 Santa $35

Below are examples of the photo to wood transfers I am offering. I can do them for all occasions. Weddings, births, birthdays, etc. The photos themselves are approximately 11" wide by 8". To do this I need a digital photo that has not been edited. $35 to $40 -  $5 extra to add vimyl lettering to personalize each one.

Different type of photo transfer Deer Hunting My Friend



Distressed Flag Less Distressed Brown And Black Tones

Flags 37 1/2" x 20" $45
You pick the design you like best.

This is a combination flag. The wording on it says "Some Gave All"
Approx. 40" wide x 24" tall. $75

 General Home Decor:

Finished Wine Rack Natural Look Wine Rack

Wine Racks $45
Approximately 39" wide and hold 6 wine glasses underneath.
The one on the left has been stained with homemade stain and the one on the right is natural wood that hasn't been clear coated yet. These are very sturdy.

 Deer Outline

 Deer Silhouette 28 1/4" x 14 1/4" $40
This can be personalized with vinyl wordage of your choice.

Life is better sign
Life at The River Sign 16 1/4" x 14" $30
(More signs to be posted very soon!)



Hanging hareware is not included and Copperas Creek Creations is not responsible for improper hangings or damages as a result. Some of these items may be heavy. Please take care in hanging and protecting your walls from scratches since these are made out of wood. I like to use the little, felt pads that are for protecting floors when hanging on walls. You can find them at any WalMart store.



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 If you came here looking for miniature donkeys, we still have a few  available to good homes only. Sadly, we are dispersing our herd. I want to thank all of our friends that our donkeys now reside with.

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