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Custom Handwoven Rugs

 Made in the USA!

Most of these rugs are made from purchased fabric. Width is approximately 28" to 29" wide by whatever length needed. They are woven on a vintage floor loom.
 Cost is $1.10 per foot length-wise.*

Rug Care
Custom orders are welcome with 50 % down. Shipping fees are buyer's responsibility and cost would be determined by weight and shipping fees from 61520 to your area.

  If you have questions, please feel free to email me at


      Item 70
Brown/Tan/Hunter Green 56" x 28 3/4" $62.00

Item 57
Peach/Gray/Blue/White Fringed 42" x 28 3/4" $46.00


Item 72
Denim/White Mixed


Item 58
All Denim (SOLD)

Item 61
Tan With Black Stripes (SOLD)

Item 69
Gray/Tan/Red Stripes 45 3/4" x 28 1/4" $50.00

Item 36
Yellow Floral/Blue Flannel 61 3/4" x 24 1/2" $68.00




*Note: Final lengths can vary an inch or so either way as once the rugs are taken off of the loom they will relax or draw up a little bit. If they end up shorter than what you paid for I will issue a refund per inch that it lacks. I try to weave beyond so the chance of them turning out longer is more often the case.


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